Mould is the common name given to a broad range of microscopic filamentous fungi, mould growth occurs on a wide range of organic materials and is often visible as fluffy or downy discolouration. To obtain nutrients, fungi excrete digestive enzymes and chemicals to break down their surroundings and absorb the nutrient and mineral compounds that are released. 

Fungi do not require sunlight to grow and can extract nutrients from a wide range of materials including paper, wood, glues, resins, porous mineral compounds, leather, and textiles. Most fungi require high water availability to grow well, water damaged and persistent moisture in buildings is a high-risk factor for fungal growth.

High levels of growth can cause property damage, allergies, and serious health effects to people. The primary health risk from mould within buildings is exposure by inhalation of airborne fungal spores, spores containing toxins (mycotoxins), or fragments of fungal hyphae.

Specialised Services can provide mould removal and mould cleaning services at your home or workplace, we will implement best practice techniques to mitigate the risk of mould growth returning, please contact our office to discuss your options further. 

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