Specialised Services can provide the appropriate resources and the right expertise for all aspects of demolition works, we can provide services for both manual and mechanical demolition techniques.

Manual demolition includes techniques where hand tools such as jack hammers, sledgehammers and picks are used. Mechanical demolition involves the use of powered mobile plant, such as excavators, cranes, loaders, and bulldozers. There may be a mix of manual and mechanical demolition techniques applied depending on your project needs.

Specialised Services is a SAI Global certified, DIT prequalified, licenced, and insured company for demolition and asbestos removal works. We can provide services for demolition of a complete structure, partial demolition, or even small jobs such as internal strip outs of your home or commercial property.

In the past Specialised Services has safely demolished many complex structures, such as inclement weather effected, fire damaged and or unstable structures. Through risk assessments with other stakeholders and our staff, we have managed to make safe many high-risk demolition situations.

Please feel free to contact our office to engage in any of our demolition services in Adelaide or regional South Australia.

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