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Safe asbestos and hazardous material removal

SA Specialized Services has been removing hazardous products since 2004. We are the preferred contractor provider to builder’s, government departments, business and homeowners who are now free.

We work almost all over South Australia providing expert knowledge of our trade from small to large jobs. SA Specialized is a Government 4A class prequalified contractor with combined public liability insurance to 20 million. Transportation of asbestos for all our vehicles is covered under our EPA license 16017.

Asbestos started getting used between 1900's to 1990 and unfortunately Australia was one of the highest users of this product per capita.The reason asbestos was so popular was because it could be extremely strong and fire resistant it was great for insulation and it was inexpensive.

There was many different types of asbestos , but the most deadly was white asbestos, asbestos was banned in Australia in the mid 1980s. The government did start banning certain types as early as the 1960's .

Our staff are formally qualified in the removal and supervision of asbestos products which is approved by Safework SA.

We provide asbestos testing and inspections in the Adelaide metropolitan area for a small fee. If you think asbestos products are in your home or business CALL us; we want to help you be asbestos free!

Written Quotes done in 24 Hours if required.

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Our team is focused on delivering satisfied customers with specialised services

Our employees are fully trained and have police clearances and VET course certificates.
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